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An elegant AI-driven digital portfolio

Hydra builds and maintains an intelligent portfolio of cryptocurrencies & digital assets where decisions are driven by market trends, not just historical data.

Intelligent portfolio
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Intelligent diversification & rebalancing

We rely on data, not emotions. Our artificial intelligence rebalances your portfolio every week between the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap and an additional set of every single ERC-n compliant token from the 0x project.

Invest with ease

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The Hydra token automatically invests in coins and manages your portfolio.

Confidence & security

Check your portfolio at any time. Cash out instantly. We provide immediate liquidity of your assets.

Powered by A.I.

Our artificial intelligence rebalances your portfolio every week based on market trends, not just historical performance.

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The wallets

We believe investing in this space should be a seamless experience.

To accelerate the adoption of the decentralized economy, we're building with the user experience at the forefront, reducing friction between traditional finance and cutting-edge technology.

As the bridging layer to this new economy, we seek to provide robust and customizable access to the tools we develop for institutions, accredited investors and retail clients.

In development
The team

We're driven and ambitious, looking to help others get into cryptocurrencies in a more elegant manner. We have a track record of building and shipping great products.

Vivek Menon

Co-founder & CTO

Technical lead with a love for solving business problems by hunting patterns. Also a fan of functional programming, deep learning, game theory, and crypto-economics.

Malcolm Cameron

Co-founder & COO

Previously lead Mobile Growth and Analytics at Rover & economic consultant at Altus Group. M.Sc. Statistics and experienced in data analysis, financial modelling and economics.

Rishabh Varshney

Co-founder & CEO

Previously the Chief Product Officer at Bunz.com. Product Designer at Facebook, Shoebox App & more. Knack for building people-first solutions.

Michael Dragan

Fullstack & Blockchain Developer

Blockchain enthusiast, data scientist, researcher, and backend developer. Interests include deep learning, data mining, psychology, marketing, and neuroscience.

Brian Groat


Runs a private index fund of 100 cryptocurrencies by marketcap. Loves learning about new technologies, business, and psychology.

Reed Dennis

Fullstack & Blockchain Developer

Fourth Year student at Trent University specializing in computer science, software engineering, and data analytics.

Prakash Murugesan

Machine Learning Engineer

Building systems using Computer Vision, Deep Learning and more to power a brighter future.

Nikunj Varshney

React & React Native Developer

OCAD University grad, focused on building and shipping amazing mobile experiences with React Native.

Artem Patlazhan

Brand Strategist

George Brown College grad with a focus on branding & marketing.

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We're looking for self starters, people who want to have an impact, work in a new, exciting and challenging field.


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Want API access?

Are you an institution or high frequency trader with high resolution data & high volume trading needs? Get in touch and we'll work with you through the process. You can build models on top of Hydra alongside building with the API.

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