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Hydra technical details.

Layer 0

The relay

The Hydra relay is an open order book powered by the 0x protocol built on Ethereum. Since the relay is decentralized, all the transactions happen wallet-to-wallet, meaning we never touch your money.

For you, this also means that the costs are much lower, and the Hydra relay gets shared liquidity from other relayers via 0x.

Launching soon

Layer 1


We recognize it's not easy to trade ERC-n & other tokens at scale.

New tools are making it easier, but building conventional financial assets on entirely new systems requires a different way of thinking and navigating.

The Hydra API provides access to the high volume crypto data from our relay. We're also building systems to facilitate cryptocurrency trades at scale, enabling a whole variety of data approaches and financial modelling.

Available on a case-by-case basis.

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Layer 2

The artificial intelligence

We're in a new era of investments with new asset classes. Our semi-decentralized AI is how we rebalance your portfolio of assets based on rudimentary genetics and adversarial intuition. For you this means owning the best possible diversified portfolio of assets based on profitability.

Trades are done automatically to give you the best possible portfolio while tracking the market.

We take a portfolio management fee of 1% every year.

Invest with ease

Bet on the market

The Hydra token automatically invests in coins and manages your portfolio.

Confidence & security

Check your portfolio at any time. Cash out instantly. We provide immediate liquidity of your assets.

Powered by A.I.

Our artificial intelligence rebalances your portfolio every week based on market trends, not just historical performance.

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Layer 3

The wallets

We believe investing in this space should be a seamless experience.

To accelerate the adoption of the decentralized economy, we're building with the user experience at the forefront, reducing friction between traditional finance and cutting-edge technology.

As the final layer is our immediate roadmap for this new economy, we seek to provide velocity for the tools we develop in regards with institutional, accredited or retail use.

In development
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